Three Generations of Tradition

Spanning three generations of family dedication and expertise in the food manufacturing industry, our roots began in Cuba. Our grandfather founded a food processing plant that with the help of his son, Sr. Manuel “Manny” Abreu, would eventually become one of the largest manufacturing facilities on the island.

With the advent of the Cuban Revolution, the Abreu Family immigrated to the United States and once again began to rebuild their dreams.

In 1965, Manny and his wife, Zenaida, founded Ebro Foods, Inc. in Chicago, Illinois, and launched the “El Ebro” line of products. Specializing in Authentic Cuban, Mexican, and Latin American foods of premium quality, our reputation grew and the Ebro name became synonymous with superior quality.

Ebro has been a pioneer in establishing the benchmark for many of the original Hispanic food products manufactured today.  Our ability to formulate the highest quality products at the best value, through generations of experience and knowledge, is what we do best.

In June of 2005, Ebro expanded to a new facility and celebrated the grand opening of its 112,000 square foot USDA manufacturing plant in Chicago. Soon thereafter, Ebro introduced the “Mexival” line of authentic Mexican Style Salsas Packed in Glass, for the retail trade.

We are truly proud to be one of the largest minority-owned and operated food manufacturers in the Midwest.


The Hottest 
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Latin American


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